Faster Than The Buzzer


Academic Team prepares for competition with a Friday morning practice.

Academic Team meets every Tuesday afternoon and Friday morning. The members have been working tirelessly to get ready for upcoming competitions.

As a part of Academic Team, students answer trivia questions. The object is for your team to answer more questions correctly than the opposing team.

“For meetings, we go over what we’re trying to get better at as a team and individually. Meaning we read practice questions,” sophomore Roman Taylor said.

Their confidence in going into the competition is high.

“I think we’re going to do pretty well this year. We have some good freshmen who came in. The middle school had a really good division,” senior Kim Tieu said.

The members are having a good time preparing for their competitions and tournaments, as well.

 “The people are pretty great. It’s pretty fun. I love Ms. Odom, Momma Odom for the win,” Tieu said.