Keeping The Peace


Delaney Hutchins is a student involved in peer mediators.

Peer mediation was organized to help students solve conflicts. The idea is to try and keep a peaceful environment here on campus. Anything said in the room will not get you into trouble. They are there in the hope students will come to them and solve conflicts with the peer mediators and that it will help fewer kids get in trouble with administration.
“We want everybody to be united and we want to spread more kindness among people,” senior Delaney Hutchins said.

Peer mediation is run by Diana Bernhard. The next meeting is on October 13th. During the meeting, it will be a practice on how the peer mediators can help solve conflicts people may have.
In order to join Peer Mediation, students must go see Ms. Bernhard. She will give you a form and based on your answers they will invite students to tryouts.
They do tryouts at the end of the year so if students go to tryouts their freshman year and they qualify they won’t become a peer mediator until their sophomore year.
“It’s a lot of getting to know you games and you train and they come and watch to see how you work through a conflict,” Hutchins said.