Here We Go Again: Coachella 2023

This April, thousands flocked to Coachella Valley for the annual Coachella Music Festival. In the festivals two week run, over 50 artists performed a small portion of their discography but the question is, how good were each set?

MUNA: MUNA performed on day one of the Coachella weekend. The trio performed songs like Number One Fan”, and “I Know a Placeand brought Phoebe Bridgers of Boygenius on stage to sing their hit song, Silk Chiffon”. At the end of their set, the band announced that they would be debuting their new song that came out April 17 called “One That Got Away”. The performance overall was amazing. The band brought so much energy and life to the stage while simultaneously interacting with fans in the audience and playing.


Frank Ocean: After nearly 7 years,  Frank Ocean performed once again on the third day of Coachella. Fans around the world counted down dates and hours to see him perform once again. Ocean had been on hiatus after the loss of his younger brother in 2017. The day of the performance, it was announced that it would no longer be streamed and there were even theories that he would not perform or show up at all. Fans flocked to social media to show support for Ocean but also to theorize if he would appear. After an hour delay, Frank Ocean finally performed songs like “Pink + White”, “Novacane” and “White Ferraribut midway through his performance, he announced that he had “hit curfew” and that was the end of the show. Ocean abruptly left the stage and Coachella had come to a close for the weekend. I enjoyed his performance but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. I love Frank Ocean and I felt like this performance was not super put together and I feel like it could have been better organized.


Boygenius: Boygenius performed on day two of Coachella and debuted their newest album The Record. Songs like “Not Strong Enough”, “Cool About It” and “Me & My Dog”. The band had previously taken a break to focus on their individual music careers but announced that they are back and better than ever a few months ago. This performance was one of my all-time favorites. I personally love Boygenius and seeing them perform songs that I love and them performing again made me so happy. Their stage presence was so soothing and even if you weren’t attending Coachella, you still felt loved and like you belonged there.


Kali Uchis: Kali performed on day three and brought out surprise guests like Tyler the Creator, Omar Apollo, and Don Toliver. With songs switching between both Spanish and English, Kali was able to captivate the audience with her voice and put on an exciting show. Songs like “Telepatia”, “Melting” and “After the Storm” kept fans wanting more and the ultimate showstopper was “See You Again” with Tyler the Creator. I loved this performance. Kali was able to enchant the audience and the viewers while keeping everyone surprised and excited with surprise guests.


Labrinth: Labrinth performed on the second weekend of the 2023 Coachella festival. Labrinth sang songs like “Formula”, “Still Don’t Know My Name” and “Mount Everest”. The biggest showstopper, however, was during “I’m Tired” when Zendaya came out and performed the rest of the set with Labrinth. I thought the performance was amazing. I had chills during I’m Tired and I loved the way that the whole set seemed to build when Zendaya came out. The performance had so much energy and fans of Euphoria, were given something to tide them over until the next season.


Kali Uchis from a show in 2017
Frank Ocean from a show in 2012
Labrinth from a show in 2018