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Study Spots For an Easy A

Our school offers many great unknown locations to study at, so here’s a dive into these locations and their perks and downsides to each.
Photo by Ryan Roberson
Its considered a good habit to study for tests and other projects in classes, but what are the best spots to study at?

   The Commons is a great location to study at due to its wide range of seating. Its size and calming atmosphere with music to top it off. This makes it a perfect spot to work at outside of the classroom.

   Here it’s often a nice change of pace compared to the classroom. Sometimes this is all you need to perform better.

   A downside to the Commons is that it’s the center point of the school, so it’s easy for your friends to come and distract you during the day. Furthermore, it’s not available during 3rd block due to lunch.


The Library:

   The library is a rather quiet environment for students to study in. The library also boasts an impressive amount of knowledge between the librarians and available resources on the shelves. The librarians boast lots of knowledge involving technology and other topics as long as you have your ID and a pass to go there. 

   Tutoring is also held after school in the library for additional help for those who might be struggling and need some extra help to understand something.

   The downside to the library is that for some, the quietness of the library can drive you crazy if you need some background noise. So be sure to bring your headphones if you need that background noise! 


Science Stairwell:

   The Science Wing Stairwell is a rather uncommon place to study at, but a great one if you can stand sitting on the floor. The Science Wing itself is far out of the way of the majority of the classrooms here, meaning less people will come your way to distract you. It’s also well lit having large glass windows to the outside, which can be great for those who need a touch of the outside and some natural light to keep them going.

   The downside is it’s near 2 exits, which during the winter can make it cold in the stairwell. Make sure to bring a jacket or hoodie around the colder times of the year. It can also get wet when it rains due to the doors, so be cautious when bringing paper with you.


Door #26:

   Outside door 26, there is a picnic area under a tree. Its right behind the recycling area on the East side of the building.

    It’s an amazing location to study after school due to its outdoor location and peaceful scenery. The picnic bench is nice towards the spring and summer months when it’s warm out.

   However, the downside to being at an outdoors study location is that the weather can disrupt the location such as rain or cold temperatures, making it a bad location to study at.


Performing Arts Center:

   The Performing Arts Center (PAC) offers quality seating with padded chairs that are nice after a long day of plastic and wood seating. It also is rather soft on the senses which is great for people who are exhausted and have headaches after studying for so long.

   The downside to using the PAC is that the darkness can work against you. It is often dimly lit, which can cause difficulty when working on paper assignments due to the darkness. Another downside to the lighting is that it can cause students to fall asleep instead of studying like intended

Each of these spots have their own benefits and drawbacks to them, but knowing when to use each of them is undeniably important to give you the best study locations to get an A on your next assignment.

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