What is Wednesday?

Check out Wednesday’s adventures at Nevermore Academy.




The Netflix original Wednesday follows Wednesday Addams and her experience at Nevermore Academy. The show stars Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams. 

   The show starts off with Wednesday getting expelled for putting piranhas in the school pool. She is then put into Nevermore Academy where her parents went to school. 

   After being accepted into the school at midterm, Wednesday meets her new roommate Enid Sinclair, who is the complete opposite of Wednesday.

   The show is very interesting, chilling, and an all-around good show. I can see how it is an  appealing show but it is also very violent and gory with a hint of light-heartedness in the mix. I feel that there are several different themes to this show and they are all very unique. I also think that the episodes are a little too long for a TV show, but I digress. The show being long is understandable as it can be hard to convey some of the things in the show with a shorter time frame but they seem too long.  

    The show displays incredible attention to detail from the buildings to the characters. The character development for characters like Wednesday and Bianca is also very startling because you don’t expect them to change the way they think.  

   The show is very confusing. Like some scenes start out with rain and when the scene changes the sun is shining outside. I find irritating because it makes no sense and is confusing as to how it plays into the story and it just plain weird because normal weather does not just change like that. The episodes that start with scenes that are unexplained.

   Overall, the show was good. I liked the plot twists that showed up when you least expected them, like Wednesday’s favorite person  Uncle Fester showing up because he was accused of armed robbery was totally unexpected, or where you think the monster Wednesday is looking for is one person but it is actually a different one. 

   The sad scenes are unexpected but welcome because they help play into the character development of Wednesday and other characters. The scene where Thing the severed hand helper of the Addams family gets stabbed is very sad for me because Thing was a very good character and was helpful towards Wednesday. The temporary fight between Wednesday and Enid was upsetting because they were finally starting to get along. 

   Overall, the show is very good and very entertaining. There are a few things that I think could be improved but in general it is a very good show that is well worth the length of the episodes. I feel the show is worth its spot as the number one most watched show.