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“The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes”: A Review

The newest installment for the beloved dystopian series, the Hunger Games has become a huge hit. But the question is, how good was the movie?
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This logo is the newest title for the latest Hunger Games installment.

   In 2014, Katniss Everdeen shot her last arrow in the Hunger Games and officially ended the franchise beloved across the world.

   However, on November 17, 2023, the series was brought to life once more with the most recent installment, A Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.

   This prequel to the rest of the Hunger Games series focuses on a young Coriolanus Snow, who later on becomes President of the Capital. 

   The movie highlights the tenth ever Hunger Games, 64 years before the original movies take place. The film begins with the war that started years before between the Districts and the Capitol and highlights why the Hunger Games were created in the first place.

    I initially went into the movie a little apprehensive because I’m not the biggest fan of dystopian movies, but this one blew me away. The plot started out slow, but advanced quickly to the point where you never wanted it to end and you were fully immersed in the world of Panem. 

    Each and every character was fully written out and each had their own special touch that left you caring and invested in them. 

   My favorite part was when Snow was helping Lucy throughout the Hunger Games. You could see how much he cared for her and how he was just trying to help her as well as help his family later.

    I liked that throughout the movie you could see each and every character develop and that really brought dimension and life to the characters so they weren’t one-sided. 

   The saddest part for me was near the end. Earlier in the movie, Snow’s cousin Tigris had expressed concern over Snow’s behavior and begged him not to become like his father. As Snow began his ascent back into the higher class of the Capitol, he asked Tigris how he looked and she made the same comparison once again.

    I found this moment so heartbreaking because you could see her sadness and observe how much Snow had changed since the beginning of the movie. Tigris had lost all respect for him and this moment became a catalyst for what would occur between the two later in the series.

    I think the film was created beautifully and is one of my favorite movies that I have seen this year. This feature film had the same thrill the others in the series had and truly transported you into a dystopian world of emotion.

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