Ah! Brain Freeze!

Growing up, I was practically raised on Freeze Pops during the summer. With it quickly becoming hotter outside, I ranked all of the flavors from whether they’re worth the struggle of opening the plastic or to not even trying.


Beat the summer heat with some of best Freeze Pop flavors!

  1. Blue Raspberry 

   Blue raspberry will always be ranked as number one in my books. When I was little, if blue raspberry was an option, that’s what I would pick. That still applies to me and probably always will. 

   This popsicle had a nice burst of flavor that was sweet, but had a hint of tang. When it comes to eating anything blue raspberry flavored, it is a guarantee it will stain your mouth. This popsicle left a slight tint of color on my tongue, but managed to not stain my teeth or lips.


  1. Piña-Colada

   I completely forgot that this was a flavor until I came across it in the package of Freeze Pops. This was so delicious and refreshing. It tasted like a virgin piña-colada that my parents would get me on vacation when I was little. 

   The pineapple to coconut ratio was perfection, making it number two on my list. One of my biggest concerns with piña-colada flavor is that sometimes it can taste like sunscreen. Luckily, that was not an issue.

  1. Cherry

   This cherry popsicle was very sweet but managed to keep its classic artificial cherry flavor. While eating the popsicle, it reminded me of when I was in elementary school, and my parents would take me to Target and would get me a cherry slushie and a bag of popcorn. I enjoyed this popsicle but it wouldn’t be ranked at number one. 

   Don’t get me wrong, cherry is a strong contender, but this tasted too fake for my liking. There is a huge difference between artificial and real cherry flavor, this tasted like it was straight sugar syrup. 

  1. Lemon-Lime

   I am typically not a fan of lemon-lime flavored foods, but this wasn’t the worst thing I have eaten. The lime flavor was more present than the lemon, but overall, the flavor was very strong. The popsicle was very sweet but was a tad sour towards the end, which was refreshing. 

   When I think of lemon-lime, it is not a popular flavor if I’m calling the shots. But, I was pleasantly surprised with the sweet but simultaneously sour flavor.  If Sour Patch Kids and Sprite had a lovechild, this is what it would be.

  1. Grape

   Unpopular opinion, I love grape flavored anything. I was so sad when I bit into this popsicle. I was expecting to be met with the taste of fake grape, but instead was met with watered down flavor mixed with sheer disappointment. 

   There was little to no grape flavor, but instead sugar flavor. It’s like getting a snow cone where all of the flavor sunk to the bottom.

  1. Orange

   Orange is not a popular flavor and will always remain that way. To me, this tasted like cough syrup my mom would give me when I was sick. It had a sickly sweet and sour taste to it that was not pleasant.

   I wasn’t able to finish the popsicle because of how gross the flavor was. I was expecting it to taste like an orange Airhead but that idea was flushed down the drain, along with the popsicle.

  1. Watermelon 

   Nope, absolutely not. Watermelon is so gross and disgusting to me. If I’m eating candy or something that has a watermelon option, I will pick it out or not eat it.

   I already knew I was going to hate this popsicle but I still tried it to be a good sport. This was so artificial and fake that it made me want to run it over with my car. I spit it out and threw it away immediately without a single regret.

    I’m sorry watermelon lovers, but y’all are weird. This watermelon flavor was unsettling and left me confused.