A student goes to room 235, interested in learning more about joining FBLA.

FBLA Needs You

Madilyn McClure, Opinion Editor October 21, 2021

The Financial Business Leaders of America club is currently searching for new members eager to test the waters of business and career competition. There are many unique opportunities provided with membership,...

Mask Mandate: The Update

Mask Mandate: The Update

Madilyn McClure, Opinion Editor May 14, 2021

For over a year now, we have been masked in our community. Friends' and peers' faces hidden by a piece of cloth intended to protect our immune systems from the novel COVID-19. But as vaccination rates...

Volunteer Opportunities in the Area

Madilyn McClure, Opinion Editor April 30, 2021

Volunteering is an important part of our community that allows people to branch out and help those in need. Volunteering is also a requirement for some programs at Kickapoo. As essential an act as volunteering...

Foreign Language Credits

Madilyn McClure, Opinion Editor March 9, 2021

Learning a foreign language isn’t for everyone. Some people excel in this department, while others struggle to wrap their minds around something so different. You might’ve heard people in your life...

Our Next Student Body President

Madilyn McClure, Opinion Editor March 5, 2021

Election week was a busy week for Junior Orlando McElderry, who was running for the position of 2021-22 Student Body President. There was a list of things for each candidate to do, and the pressure for...

Keeping Up With FCCLA

Madilyn McClure, Opinion Editor October 16, 2020

FCCLA has consistently been meeting once a week since the school year started. Right now, the club has 15 members, but their doors are always open to new ones. The group has already done many things, some...