FNL Crowd Review


Photo by Emilia Belcolore

Kickapoo super fans cheer at the Neon Night football game.

Fall is a season filled with fun things to do. Halloween at the end of October, Thanksgiving at the end of November, and of course football. One of the most exciting events to attend during the beginning of the school year is our Chiefs games every Friday. This story is going to be my opinions on our crowds during some of our games this year, mainly focusing on the student section.

   The first game I’ll be talking about is our Blackout game. This game was here at Kickapoo, and to several people I’ve spoken to, they don’t believe the crowd was very hype at all. I was actually at that game and within the student section at times it was super hype. I wouldn’t say the whole game was, though. It was a blowout win by us so eventually it wasn’t very exciting. Personally, I’d rate the “hypeness” of that game a 7/10.

   The next game I’ll be going over was Neon Night. Based on the pictures I’ve seen, our student section went all out. Masked up, body paint, and a whole lot of yelling. The intensity of the crowd seemed to be great, it would have been a fun game to attend. I would rate the crowd/student section of this game a solid 8.5/10.

   The next game I’ll go over was the Gold Rush game. Now the pictures I’ve seen from this game made it seem like it was one of the most hype games ever. The student section was absolutely getting into it, everyone was dressed beautifully to suit the theme of the game, and it looked like they were getting loud. I wish I could have attended this game myself. Based on what I’ve heard about it and seen through photos taken, I would rate this student section a solid 9/10.

   The final game I’ll be talking about was the Red, White, and Blue game at Parkview. A lot of people looked to be dressed for the theme but it didn’t seem like the whole crowd, even the student section, was really getting into it. The front row of the student section seemed excited and getting into it, but the rest of the crowd, not so much. I feel like they could have done a bit better at getting loud and excited overall. I’d rate this crowd a 7/10 overall.

   To wrap things up, this year of football from our Chiefs has been pretty decent, and some of the games the crowd go much more into it than others. I’d put money on it that this week’s game against Glendale will end up being a good one, and surely the crowd will go crazy as usual when we play the Falcons.